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Jars Ceramics Stoneware history spans more than a 150 years since Pierre Jars founded it. The traditional craft of potters skills passed down the generations still lives on today, with the secrets of production that are unique to Jars Ceramics staying closely guarded. . It is certainly the most resistant and the most natural ceramic material.

 Jars Ceramics is the best pottery option for contemporary lead-free stoneware and bake ware that does not stain!

 Each piece is shaped and then fired at a high temperature of 2850F during which the clays become fused together to form non-porous stoneware.  Jars like to compare this to the process of how rock was formed in nature years ago with the 3 elements of nature ; earth, water and fire.

 From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today's much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, Jars is proud to produce products that are reminiscent of the colors and forms of nature.