What to do with my old china?


The loss of a beautifully delicate dish, being broken into pieces is enormous. Anyone who loves China dinnerware or crystal glasses can relate to sadness that washes over your face when one of those pretty pieces is turned into tiny pieces. And let's not even talk about the beautiful dishes that our grandma left us because when they break, our heart breaks a little with them. However, there are still many ways to preserve them and keep them with you for a lifetime.  How about turning those elegant dishes into a piece of art, or specifically into Mosaics?


Crafting Mosaic through broken dishes:

Broken China , dinnerware,  or pretty crystal glasses don't  necessarily have to go into the bin. Crafting them into a perfect piece of art, by making Mosaics out of them can help you hold on to them for some more years.  Creating Mosaics with broken dishes is easy and doesn't take a lot of time either.  Here, we will demonstrate the process for you and tell you how you can make Mosaic art in a short amount of time.


What will you need?

Canvas, piece of wood, or any surface you would like to cover with mosaic art

Plates or any ceramic item either broken, or that you would like to break for artwork


Contact Paper

Cleaning supplies


Rubber Mallet


Household cement


Tile nippers

Paper grocery bag


Designs By Etti Mayer



Step to Step Guide to Create Mosaic:

Here is a quick action guide to walk you through the process of making Mosaics with broken dishes:


?     Before you start working on the Mosaic, make sure that you clean the surface properly (on which you intend to make the Mosaic). If the surface has any fabric or foam on it, then you can easily remove it and discard it. Make sure that there is nothing on the cover whatsoever and it is spotless before you start working on it.


?     Cut a contact paper and peel it and stick it to the back of the China dinnerware plate. This is for dishes which you break intentionally. However, if your plate or glass is breached, then you don't need to follow this step. The contact paper helps in cutting the plate appropriately and not too much!


?     On the other hand, if you have to break the plates, then you put the crystal dinnerware into a grocery bag and hit the rubber mallet light on it to break it into pieces. Once done, take the broken pieces out and remove the contact paper from them.


?     Now, with the help of household cement, glue the broken pieces on the surface that you cleaned. Leave a little margin between each piece. Don't join them together thoroughly.


?     The surface won't be filled with just one plate. This depends on the height and width of the surface you are trying to cover. However, you need to repeat this process until the surface is filled with broken pieces.


?     Now, you need to take grout and spread it all over the Mosaic. Make sure that you press it between the slight margins that you leave in between each piece.


?     With the help of a damp sponge, remove the excessive grout. You will have to rinse the sponge many times during the process. Thus, rinse and clean then excessive grout until it is all clean and the Mosaic does not feel grainy anymore. Make sure that it has a smooth finish to it. If not, you need to clean it further. This might take a little time, but this will bring the outcome; thus invest a short time and effort in it.


?     Once done, let the remaining grout dry.


?     Wipe off the Mosaic once the grout has dried and polished it. Use a polishing rag for this so that the film is removed from it.


?     And that is it; you can be proud to claim creation of your very own piece of art in the name of broken, beautiful dishes. Talk about Functional Fashion!!


Quick Tips:

While making Mosaic out of beautiful dishes, you need to keep two things in mind:


?     A lot of China dinnerware can be used for crafting Mosaic, but plates are the best thing to use. They are flatter and more extensive and provide you with functional space and shape to work with too. Avoid using glasses as they can make the process a little complicated. Keep it as easy as possible.


?     For the grout; always follow the instructions that are mentioned on its container. They have everything mentioned on it from the applying guidelines to the drying time, which will help you in achieving success in your project.



Smoothing the Edges of Broken China; is it important?

China dinnerware has very sharp edges, and it can be a little tricky to work with. A lot of people consider smoothing the sides of it before creating Mosaic out of it, but it isn't necessary. If you are using the right amount of grout, then there is nothing to worry about. The job of grout is to cover all the sharp edges of the broken plates or dishes and create a smooth finish for it. Thus, you don't need to waste your time in smoothing the edges of broken china dinnerware. You can get to work and let grout do the smoothing task.


Final Verdict:


Well, this is it! This is how simply you can use broken China dinnerware or beautiful dishes that are too old and are just sitting idly in your home. Put them to use and craft your very own piece of art! Mosaic is an aesthetically pleasing art and appears very trendy too. Within an hour. You can make a wonderfully attractive piece for your home as well. So why not just do it? Let loose for some time, and art helps you get stress free too. This is the best summer DIY to indulge in!


If you do try it out, then please share your experience with us!

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Designs By Etti Mayer

Good Luck.

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