It is an undisputed fact that at some point we all end up having china Dinnerware, glassware and dishes that we don’t need.
We may even get them from Grandma or an aunt. We may not want to use them on the table but have other uses for them. 
Whether they are complete sets or not, we should not just toss them away. 
They can be most useful things around the house and beyond.

Here are 10 suggestions for what you can do with your old or unwanted china dinnerware.

1.       Use the china dinner plate to make a cake stand

This sounds difficult, right? It's, however, easier than expected. Simply glue a mug to the bottom of the old dish (the mug might be flipped upside down depending on the shape). After the glue dries, you can use spray paint to make it look better (Warning: don’t spray the tops of the plate because they are not food safe.

2.       Desk storage

Your old dish or china dinnerware can be used to sequester your pens and other office supplies (kike staples and paper clips) etc. Irrespective of the trinket storage you might need, you will find an old dish that will serve the purpose.

3.       Soap dish

Another way to get the best from your china dinnerware is to use as a soap dish. China Bread & Butter plates will make a perfect landing pad for your soap and also keep scum build-up off your sink.

4.       Mosaic art

Gather your old dishes and break them. After breaking, carefully arrange the different colored piece to give a mosaic display. You can use the broken dishes to cover a lamp base, stepping stone etc. Note; Tile nippers will be needed. (See our Mosaic blog post).

5.       Use them to catch water from your houseplants

China dinnerware to match your décor will be perfect for your traditional houseplant planter base. Note: Ensure you keep them off your hardwood flooring.

6.       Use them for your pets

There is no need to buy bowls for your pets anymore. Pass the old dishes to your pets.

7.       Use to keep your kitchen sponge

If your dish washing accessories mill along the side of the sink, there is a need to give them a home base (your china dinnerware). China dinnerware is guaranteed to tidy things right up.

8.       Use as your jewelry holder

A small china dish will look lovely when you use to hold your jewelry. The whole collection of earring, chains and pearls will be completed with a vintage teacup or small plate..

9.       Give it out as part of a food gift

One of the economical and easy ways to say I love you is giving baked goods. You can serve your baked goods gift on an old plate. Just wrap in a plastic and add a big bow on top.

10.   Use them for planting

You can start a miniature herb garden with your china bowls. Drill them to make a small hole at the bottom or spread small stones on the bottom and use for growing herbs.

Other Options for disposing of your China

Give your Dishes as a Gift to Family Members
You will get the most satisfaction out of this option when you know that your dishes are going to be used by a family member who appreciates your taste. If there are no takers,

Donate them

What you see as something that isn’t useful is very useful to other people. The china dinnerware that you believe is valueless is of good value to some other people. Any china dinnerware that is reusable should be donated to those that will need them.
Here you can also get a tax write off if donating to a recognized non-profit organization.

Sell the vintage china dinnerware if you have

There are organizations and platforms that can buy the old china dinner plates from you. This is one of the ways for you to get some value out of your old dishes. Adopting this option means you are getting some value for your old dishes. Don’t expect to get a significant amount enough to get yourself new china dinnerware.

Let's Not Forget 

Having looked into what you can do with your unwanted china dinnerware, the next step you need to take is to get new china dishes to replace the old ones you have disposed of, sold or given away.