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Kris Jenner's Summer Fine China Table Setting

Posted by Administrator on 1/11/2017
Kris Jenner's Summer Fine China Table Setting
Found on Instagram: Kris Jenner's Summer table set up with Fine China Dinnerware.Stunning for outdoors.

How to Choose Between Glass And Crystal Stemware

Posted by Ann Moyal on 7/14/2016
How to choose between Glass and Crystal Stemware

A good consumer should be informed before choosing to invest in either one.


There are significant differences between crystal and glass.  Take your time and be informed when investing.  The choice 

between glass and crystal depends on taste and budget and there are great quality choices in both categories.

Bottom line is: When selecting your stemware and barware choose a pattern that you love from either Glass or Crystal and

that goes well with your table setting. That should make you happy when using them time and time again.

Juliska Dinnerware and Glassware: Absolutely gorgeous!

Posted by Frank Curtis on 11/3/2015 to News
If you are looking for a new dinnerware set this year that offers taste, elegance, stability and beautiful Portuguese craftsmanship, you would do well to take a look at the stylish and elegant collections of Juliska dinnerware.

How to Buy Silverware

Posted by Frank Curtis on 10/29/2015
Flatware can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your table. Flatware lasts for a long time, so you want to be sure you choose the right design.

How to Choose the Right Dinnerware

Posted by Frank Curtis on 10/29/2015
Dinnerware is one of the most significant dining decisions you make when stocking your home. Whether you are registering for a dinnerware set before a wedding, replacing your current dinnerware or restocking after a move, your decision will define something you will likely use every day for years. There are important aesthetic, Material & financial decisions to make when choosing a dinnerware. Read on to find out how to choose the right dinnerware.

Brighten Your Mood With Colorful Tableware

Posted by Frank Curtis on 10/29/2015 to News
Lose the winter blues and brighten your table with a vibrant pop of color. Play with cool Blues, bursting Greens and vibrant Yellows for an exciting tabletop story that will revitalize your mood on those dreary winter days.

How do I choose between Bone China,Fine China and Porcelain?

Posted by Administrator on 7/24/2015
How do I choose between Bone China,Fine China and Porcelain?

This is a question we are asked every so often that begs for a response.
Apart from the fact that they look very similar, bone china, fine china and porcelain have a difference - and in reality, it's mainly the material they are made from. At first, let's make it clear what bone china is as a material. As the name originally suggests, bone china is a bone material finely ground into bone ash, and mixed with a variety of materials afterwards - such as ball clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin, which is a type of clay. Bone china has amazing quality in general, although it differs with each product. Mainly, the quality depends of the input of bone in the mixture - as a high-quality bone china should contain at least 30 up to 45 percent bone inside its components. Porcelain, on the other hand, is one of the most traditional materials developed on the Eastern countries and dating back to around A.D. 620. With its origins in China, porcelains used kaolin and pegmatite as clay and granite components in their structure. In the start of the 17th century, Germany started using the feldspar instead of glass which is a process that is still available. After the raw ingredients are settled, the porcelain is set under fire which creates porcelain or fine china - since they both include a firing process. Fine china is a material which is much softer than porcelain and more suitable for applications as plates or cups. Whilst the porcelain is strong enough and durable, it is best used in a wide range of industrial applications such as many electrical insulators and other machinery. While fine china and porcelain have the firing process in common, bone china undergoes two firing processes with the first causing it to shrink and the second glazing the material into a piece. It is easy to tell the difference between bone china and fine china today, if you know what you are looking for. The bone china usually has a warmer color while fine china is a brighter white. Porcelain, on the other hand, is a more durable material and is consistently harder than any type of china.
In conclusion, it will ultimately be the pattern and design that will influence your decision on which product you will end up buying. It is the most prominent feature of the product and you want it to be pleasing to the eye.
We are here to help in the selection process should you need it.
Just let us know

Welcome to our online store

Posted by on 6/4/2014 to News
Welcome to our online store! Our team is proud to announce that we're now open for business, and we look forward to serving you all in the future. If you have any questions about this store or the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us any time. Our website has been carefully designed to provide you with an amazingly flexible online shopping experience, and its ease of navigation is something we think you'll grow to depend on and appreciate. Feel free to browse our entire product catalog, and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items housed within. Our team is always ready and willing to assist our customers, and we are happy for your visit.